Course Structure

Our curriculum is built around five key pillars that inform the content and structure of the course. Strong subject knowledge supported by evidence-informed and reflective practice promotes successful pupil progress. Alongside this, we really value the strong partnerships built with local schools and practitioners that ensure all our trainees receive high quality training.

We have clear processes and practices in place to support trainee well-being throughout the course, but also put a clear emphasis on the importance of preparing future teachers to maintain high levels of well-being throughout their careers.

The five pillars of our teacher training course

Course overview:

The course consists of five elements:

  • Centre professional studies
    Led by the course leaders and delivered by local practitioners and experts, these sessions cover aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, classroom teaching and wider educational practice that prepare you for your school placements.
  • Subject Pathway
    Weekly sessions led by a Subject Lead who is serving teacher in a partnership school to develop your subject knowledge and how it relates to promoting pupil understanding and progression.
  • Intensive Training and Practice (ITAP)
    There are four separate weeks of intensive training and practice throughout the year related to behaviour management, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, planning for progress and adaptive teaching. Each week comprises taught sessions, school experience, implementation and practice, and an assessment. 
  • School Placements
    There are three placements across two schools: a Parent School where you spend the autumn and summer terms and a contrasting Twin Placement School attended in the spring term. Here you build up your teaching practice and attend weekly school based professional studies sessions where theory is put into school context. 
  • PGCE Assignments
    There are three assignments across the year which are introduced, set and marked by subject tutors from the University of Bristol. Support is provided by the University, Subject Leads and school staff. 
Autumn Term – EXPLORESpring Term – EMBEDSummer Term – ENHANCE
An opportunity to explore the application of your learning to the context of your parent school.
Work towards teaching 9-11 hours a week.
Embed your practice in a different context. Try new approaches and be creative.Progress and enhance your practice in a familiar environment.
Professional Studies
ITAP 1 & 2
3 weeks
Parent Placement One Induction
3 weeks
Parent Placement 1
6 weeks
Twin Placement
8 weeks
Professional Studies & Enhancement
5 days
Parent Placement 2
9 weeks

Curriculum Content

Our curriculum content comprises five strands:

  • Pedagogy – How pupils learn, curriculum practice, adaptive teaching and inclusion
  • Assessment – Making effective use of assessment and feedback
  • Curriculum – Whole school and subject curriculum and subject knowledge
  • Behaviour – High expectations and behaviour management
  • Professional behaviours – Professional behaviours and wider school contribution


Throughout the year there are a number of people with a wealth of experience available to support you with every aspect of the course:

Organise central professional studies, school placements and complete course assessment.Serving teachers who deliver subject specific training at weekly sessions and monitor trainee progress.Introduce, set and mark the PGCE assignments and provide support throughout the year.
Senior teachers who oversee school-based training and assessment and meet weekly to deliver training.Provide day to day training and support and meet weekly to review progress and set targets.
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Gloucestershire Association of Secondary Headteachers