Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Be where you are celebrated

The GITEP SCITT partnership is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome applications from people with disabilities, protected characteristics, and particular needs. We can provide support or reasonable adjustments throughout the application process and beyond. 

We work with our partnership schools to:

  • Promote and celebrate diversity in the teaching workforce
  • Promote a culture of respect, trust, and openness 
  • Create a safe space for all trainee teachers  
  • Model inclusive behaviours
  • Recognise and address conscious and unconscious bias
  • Educate ourselves and develop our understanding of the barriers that may face some trainee teachers because of their identities and characteristics

Our commitment to this can be demonstrated by our following actions:

  • Working closely with organisations such as Diverse Educators to develop our understanding of potential barriers some trainees may face and how to work to remove them
  • Offering a flexible part-time route for all subjects
  • Providing an access fund to give some financial support for trainees without bursaries or scholarships 
  • Offering access for trainees to apply for a University of Bristol ‘Black Bristol PGCE Scholarship’ *(more information here) 
  • Facilitating DEI training opportunities for the GITEP SCITT leadership team and ITT colleagues in schools
  • Undertaking monitoring so that we can understand and celebrate the diversity of our trainee cohorts each year and provide targeted support 
  • Providing a range of support for trainee mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing our trainee Professional Studies curriculum to include taking part in a national ‘Inspiring Diversity’ conference for beginning teachers, as well as seminars across the year on The Equality Act, unconscious bias, supporting LGBTQ+ pupils, anti-racism, and critical pedagogy
  • Developing our trainee School-based Professional Studies curriculum to include learning about how placement schools strive to be inclusive communities 
  • Developing our Subject Pathway curriculums to include sessions on diversifying and decolonising the subject curriculum
  • Using Personal Support Plans for additional support or reasonable adjustments
  • Having structures in place so that trainees can disclose concerns, feel listened to without judgement, and so that appropriate actions can be identified to address any concerns
  • Seeking regular feedback from trainees about their training experiences
Diverse Educators
Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Educators