Helping students to become teachers
Cirencester Deer Park School

GITEP's standEach year Cirencester Deer Park School and Cirencester Kingshill School join together to create an exciting careers event that aims to increase their pupils’ understanding of the world of work and the various progression routes beyond school. This year’s Careers Convention was held held on Tuesday 11 October 2022 at Cirencester Deer Park School to students with as much information as possible as, over the next few months, they make decisions that will affect their future.

GITEP joined representatives from many local businesses and further education providers and spoke to lots of young people from Year 8 up to Year 13. There was a lot of interest in teacher training – and not just because of the free pens! We talked about why they should consider teaching as a career, what to think about in terms of qualifications and entry requirements, and why they should consider training with GITEP on a SCITT route

We’d like to thank Cirencester Deer Park Schools and Cirencester Kingshill School for setting up and hosting this great event and giving us the opportunity to meet your students – and maybe even some future trainees!

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