MFL Trainees on their subject pathway
MFL trainees
Out and about with MFL
The trainees about to set off on a £5 challenge to find something to use in a lesson

Our MFL Trainees are now six weeks into their training and are enjoying the many different challenges set for them on their Subject Pathway sessions.

These sessions are held weekly with their Subject Lead and fellow Modern Foreign Language trainees and are a great chance to catch up with each other now that they are in their Parent School placements.

The trainees have already learned about planning and the process of learning a new language, vocabulary acquisition, teaching grammar in MFL and more! Being in a school setting enables trainees to put what they learn into practice straight away.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, scholarships of £27,000 are available for trainee French, German, and Spanish language teachers. Bursaries of £25,000 are available for all trainee language teachers, including ancient languages.

You can receive this alongside a tuition fee and maintenance loan.

You might also be eligible for extra funding support if you’re a parent or carer and if you’re disabled.

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