Practical makes perfect
Practical science training

Our trainee science Teachers enjoyed a great pathway session exploring practical work. This session was aimed at developing domain and procedural knowledge to build understanding and skill from observation and exploration. We had practical activities based around the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Applicants to train to teach Biology need a degree in that or a related subject. A strong biology A level or equivalent background is also required, as are GCSE passes in maths and English.

A Subject Knowledge Enhancement course is available to boost subject knowledge before starting the course.  This is online and varies in length depending on the depth of knowledge required.  The course will be assessed for biology but also gives access to resources for physics and chemistry as the majority of science teachers will also be required to teach elements of physics and chemistry, at least in Key Stage 3.

Bursaries of £20,000 are currently available to train to teach this subject.


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